Information sheet



Skokloster Gille was formed in 1978. At the very first meeting, it was resolved that the association would assume the name Skokloster Gille, and that Skokloster Gille would be a unifying body for former and current residents of the parish, with an interest in documenting and preserving old cultural traditions within the district. Skokloster Gille currently has an open membership admission policy, allowing all those who are interested in the association to join. Gillet also wishes to support serious research on the subject of Skokloster’s historic and contemporary life, as well as the archiving and publication of material related to the same, and to be a forum for additional and improved communications between different generations living in the area.

From an organizational point of view, Skokloster Gille is governed by an annual meeting, during which the Board of Directors and different committees are elected and commissioned to manage the association. The committees consist of Gårdsrådet (the “Cottage Council”) responsible for looking after the association’s cottage; Forsknings- och fornminneskommittén (the “Research and Ancient Monument Committee”); Festkommittén (the “Event Committee”) and Medlemsbladskommittén (the “Member Leaflet Committee”). The association also has accountants and a Nominating Committee. Skokloster Gille’s financial year is from 1 January to 31 December, and the association’s Statutes govern its operations.

Skokloster Gille’s activities

One of the association’s primary objectives is to research Skokloster’s historic and contemporary life, the results of which are documented in writing. In the year 1990, Skokloster Gille was granted Soldattorp number 48 as a gift from Baroness Hermine von Essen. This traditional Swedish “torp” or small cottage has become a central meeting place for the members of Skokloster Gille. A museum has been created, showing items relating to Skokloster parish and its cultural history. The association organizes spring and fall cleaning at the cottage, where members gather to help with the raking of leaves etc. Each year, Skokloster Gille hosts its popular “kräftskiva” or “crayfish party” at the cottage. It also holds Board meetings and other meetings at the cottage, weather permitting. The cottage forms the very heart of Skokloster Gille’s activities, and is often shown to different groups such as school classes, cultural associations or pensioners’ clubs.

Skokloster Gille organizes cultural walks around different locations in Skokloster, which are often held in the spring. One of the traditional walks is held on Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag (Ascension Day), beginning with an early-morning mass at the ruins of Flasta kyrkoruin.

Skokloster Gilles medlemsblad (“Member Leaflet”) is issued two times per year, providing information about Gillet’s activities and events. The idea is for the members themselves to contribute to the leaflet with their own stories. The Member Leaflet plays an important role for those members who are unable to attend the activities organized by Skokloster Gille.

The membership fee for 2018 is 160:- for individual members and 260:- per family.